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For those of you who are fans of my UTAU Ou're, he finally has a VCV voicebank and it's available to download right now!

If you're curious about how he sounds though you can listen to his release song here:
Yo, so I'm just leaving this up here for myself as a personal reminder to not forget to upload some ust's I've finished/working on!
I'll list stuff that's finished and has yet to be released/uploaded and some songs I'm currently working on as well~
Once an UST is uploaded I'll be sure to update it with a link in the journal so you can download it yourself.

-Ghost Rule (Deco*27)
//Ghost Rule is finished and uploaded but I'm working on adding harmonies to it so for now, I'm not releasing it ;w;
-Girigiri Safe VSQx (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

Working on:
-Hate it! Hate it! Huge Ego! (Kurage-P) //Halfway finished
-Amai Kotoba (Circus-P) //Halfway finished
-1925 (T-POCKET)
-Don't Look at me in That way (Kikuo)
-Dekinai Sagi (EZFG) //Not sure if I'll finish this one tbh...
-Hide and Seek (Ho-ong-i)
-N (Kurage-P) //Halfway finished
-Suki, Kirai (Giga-P version)

-Dreamin' ChuChu (emon)
I'm bored so I'm going to go ahead and hop the bandwagon and do this thing too. I don't know when I'll start but if you're interested in who I'll be drawing for this challenge you can see them right here.

1. Utane, Uta (Defoko)
2. Kasane, Teto
3. Haruka, Nana
4. Crecia, Selestewa
5. Kinzoku, Rose
6. Kikyuune, Aiko
7. Gahata, Meiji
8. Darling (Korean UTAU)
9. Anna, Nyui
10. Bellini
11. Crumpine
12. Hello
13. Nazone, Toki
14. Prism
15. Sukone, Tei
16. Karafuru, Ame
17. UFOko
18. 3oDore
19. Hoshine, Stella
20. Ginkuro, Juni
21. Makune, Hachi
22. Kogane, Aika
23. Tiffy
24. Fujine, Samaki
25. Namine, Ritsu
26. Sekka, Yufu
27. Denkine, Rai
28. Suika, Meron
29. Fuuga, Koto
30. Ou're

Hey, would anybody be willing to critique my UTAU Ou're?
I kind of want to get some feedback on stuff like does he sound good, fairly easy to use, well designed, etc.

I'd really appreciate hearing some feedback if anyone has the time or is willing to ^^

Wiki page:

Here's some samples of his voice and appends
-Standard (cv)…

-Gentle append (cv):…

-Power Append (cv):…


File:Ou re underwater by starry shizen by kurisuxgrellsutcliff-d7ll552.png
File:Ou're Gentle Append.png
File:^FE3F44BBC24A984DC91EE9965560A8B8D26190898157998DCA^pimgpsh fullsize distr.jpg…

Come by and watch it kiddo's
Working on a vsqx of Addicted, come watch and chat!…

That's right!
You've all heard her before and previously I was the only one (besides :iconkusone:) who could use La
But now she is finally open for public testing and use!

Long time watchers and also fans of La can FINALLY experience the quality and enjoyment that La has in store for you!
What are you waiting for?
Go download her, NOW!

Wiki page:

I'm bored and sleepy... Let's draw = w =

Cause I'm hyped up for the new Splatoon amiibo coming this summer
I'm gonna do Splatoon theme stream!

Which may revert into a normal stream shortly after, lel

So feel free to join the fun :D

Hey, I'm in search of finding somebody to voice my UTAU Negoto, Musume
If you or someone you know would be interested in voicing her feel free to comment here or get in touch with me through notes.
I'm also hoping for Negoto to get a Scream append so she can sing Screamo genre music like Hakaine, Maiko. So if you think you would be able to help me record a voicebank and append for her please contact me.
I'd greatly appreciate it ^^

Hey you, yeah you! Ever wanted to mine salt like the pros? Then join the Piranha Pit Miners today!
If you don't mine your salt, the enemy will!…

Feel free to check it out ^^
How I wish I could have the Kagamine's
But I am broke uuuuuuuuu

I want to make songs with GUMI and Rin so bad :iconsawbplz:
I'm gonna make Spider have a boyfriend called Daddy Long Legs so everyone can kinkshame her
Embedded image permalink
For anyone interested in covering some of my utau originals I have now made the ust's public for them so feel free to download and use them; and if you cover my song or use my ust show me! I'd love to hear it : D


Off Vocal:…

Off Vocal:…